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Post Welcome to the Forum at

Hello and Welcome

This is a general forum where registered users can post messages. Anyone can register. Non registered users are free to read the forum but cannot post messages.

Post whatever you want. Inquiries, comments, general chatter, discussion of current events, rants or even jokes.

Computer questions are more than welcome in the Computer Questions forum, but I cannot guarantee a solution or even an answer. If it's within my realm of expertise and there's time to consider it, I'll gladly answer. There may not be many that frequent this place, but if a bit of a community gets going here, forums can be very useful and enjoyable.

There are also private messaging facilities here that you can use to send messages to other registered users. I would ask that you do not harass or "spam" other users. Users, please report any such behaviour to me if it occurs.

Any posts, attachments and possibly even URLs that are too offensive or perhaps harmful, will be removed. Not necessarily just bad language, for that has its uses too. It really depends on the context it's used in. I only ask for a bit of common sense, for it's a public area. Have fun, I don't expect anyone to behave all the time

Advertising will be removed. This does not mean you cannot share links with other users though.

For information on using this vbulletin forum, please see the FAQ link up on the navigation bar, or:

Enjoy the forum!
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